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Top 10 comedii

Care este topul vostru de comedii?

Topul realizat de mine arata cam asa:

1 Mean Girls (2004)


2 Seria American Pie


3 How High (2001)


4 After school special


5 Love don’t cost a thing (2003)


6 She’s all that (1999)

7 Bring it on (2000)


8 The girl next door (2004)


9 Le Boulet (2002)


10 The Wash (2001)


Ar mai putea intra in top :Alvin and the Chipmunks (2007) , The new guy (2002) , Uncle P (2007) , Johnson’s family vacation (2004) , First daughter (2004)

Astept sugestii , pareri legate de acest top.

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14 Responses to “Top 10 comedii”

  1. le-am vazut mai pe toate inafara de ultimu:)))

  2. Am vazut doar 3 din ele…2,3,si 8…hmm….din 10 doar 3 e cam putin:)…am timp sa recuperez ca-s tanara:)

  3. mean girls

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